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“VERA y GIANNINI printers S. A.” is a company dedicated to serving the printing needs of its customers in paper, Cardboard and Corrugated Cardboard for both the local market and for export.

The mission is based on a proactive orientation to service their customers, through Segmentation of the Market, the constant search of Technological Innovation and Design, a Continuous Improvement of the Processes, the Quality Assurance and permanent Training of its Workers and encourage them to be active participants in the process.


The Vision of “VERA y GIANNINI printers S. A.” is to become the Preferred Strategic Partner of its Customers for their printing services, delivering Superior Service Quality, anticipating the Needs of the Market.

The fulfillment of the Vision must ensure a Financial Result suitable for Shareholders and to finance the Technological Renewal and the Long-Term Development.
The vision will be achieved by integrating and committing to all their workers and respecting the requirements of the environment.