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Vera y Giannini Impresores opened in 1939, being managed by the founding families for 60 years. In 1999, the company was acquired by a group of new shareholders from whom, some became stockholders in December 2003.

By mid-2003, there was a major restructuring to establish basis for the future development: defining a clear business strategy aimed to strengthen our competitive advantages, using the “know-how” available, the productive resources and the quality of the Customer Service. The company focused on the manufacturing of Offset printed cardboard packages and corrugated board containers, leaving other products behind.

The successful results of this strategy are shown in the second semester of 2003, thus beginning in 2005 a modernization plan by moving the plant from the original location in 1538 San Ignacio Street to a new building in the Industrial Area near Quilicura Airport. The process of moving was completed in March 2006, with no interruption of the offered services. The new plant provides an efficient lay-out reaching the sequence and optimal spaces.

The plan has continued by investing in the latest technology; a last technology Heidelberg XL105 printer and also a new Computer to Plate (CtP) for platemaking has been purchased. In addition, all the specialized softwares have been updated.

Together with the continuous technological improvement and as an essential part of its marketing strategy, the company’s main aim has been the commitment to Customer Service. It’s essential for the company to offer a quick and efficient response to all the requirements our clients may have. The company is committed to best serving its customers.

Today, Vera y Giannini meets the highest international quality standards with outstanding technology and service which places them as a leading company in our country.